Who runs the show?

Laura Barito | she/her

M.S. Exercise Physiology

B.E. Mechanical Engineering

I have been the owner of what is now called Apeiro Human Movement since 2016. I have been a competitive athlete my entire life, becoming the first NCAA athlete to win 2 individual titles in two different sports. Then about 10 years ago I turned to competitive weightlifting, where I found immediate success, qualifying for USAW nationals at my first meet ever.

But just 3 years ago, after YEARS of wondering why I functioned differently than the rest of the world, in both mind and body, and looking for answers through my education, I finally discovered that I am ADHD, autistic, and hypermobile. That’s when things really started to fall into place.

I have now found an amazing niche of working with neurodivergent hypermobile clients, teaching them how to improve body awareness in a safe and effective way.

How do we train?

My approach to training is different than what you might have seen. It is very hypermobile friendly because we spend a lot of time focusing on stabilization of joints before we move onto more complicated compound movements. It is also very neurodivergent friendly because i want to give you as much background information about your body upfront to create a clear and complete picture of *why* we’re doing what we’re doing.

Do you have to be hypermobile to benefit from this type of training? Absolutely not! Anyone who struggles with body awareness and wants to have more functionality in their everyday life would benefit from this type of training.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Working with Laura made a huge difference in my overall fitness. I have the strength to do the things I need to do without pain, and the motor skills to do them safely.

— Deborah

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Training with Laura has deepened my understanding of how to look after my body while I build my strength and stability. It is such a privilege to get to work with someone that really understands how my atypical body and brain work and has developed a whole system to support my goals with those differences in mind.

— Amelia